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Boldly existing outside the box through conscious living and constant learning.

Unboxing Tools

Everything on this blog is 100% free of charge and available to anyone who can utilize it. At Unboxed Life I strive to provide our small army of followers with what they want and need and do it with integrity and with the spirit of service at heart. In addition to the weekly posts, here you will find special content that can help you on your path to unboxed living. As always, feedback is welcomed and encouraged so please let me know what you think.


Some of the topics we cover here at unboxed life need more in-depth exploration. This is where the series of Unboxed Guides come in. In these more detailed ventures we will dive into a specific topic and really work out how that thing can help us unbox our life or lead us to a more fulfilling or meaningful existence.  As with most everything here they are free of charge and there for those who feel they can utilize them. If you find them helpful please pass them on to others who you feel will benefit from them. I just ask you reference back here when passing them along.


For those who want to go even further down the path of truly living an unboxed life I will be offering some products for purchase. These are 100% original content geared toward those who seek to leave no stone unturned and take their personal growth to the next level. Though these products are here, I will never push them on people or over-advertise things that are for sale here. I always strive to provide free content that is meaningful, useful, and most of all true to what the unboxed life is about. If you are interested in any products feel free to check them out.


Any product, article, content, or post you find helpful, inspirational, or otherwise useful please share it with your circle or remarkable folks. Lets work together to spread the movement of Unboxed Living!



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