Unboxed Life

Boldly existing outside the box through conscious living and constant learning.

Join The Movement

Join us in breaking free from our boxes!

You can join the movement to live outside your boxes right now and begin to break free from the barriers in your life. Just like you, there are a whole group of people who seek to find what their life means and to have a full and passionate human experience. The pursuit of an Unboxed Life begins now.

How can I join the movement?

Great question! There are several ways for you to participate in and actively live an unboxed life.

Subscribe to email updates: The best way to stay up on what is happening is to have updates sent directly to your inbox. You will never miss a beat and be at the forefront of the unboxed revolution. Click the “Join” button to the right and enter your email to get in on all the action.

Like it on Facebook: I love staying connected with people who are like-minded and are continually looking to expand their minds and their lives. The unboxed Facebook page is a great way to be part of a community of folks doing  just that. Drop in and say hi and check back to see what’s next.

Follow on Twitter: You can interact with everything unboxed @unboxed_life on Twitter. The key to staying on the path to freedom from boxes is to keep it at the front of your mind and life. Connecting through Twitter can help you do that.

Spread the word: A large part of living the Unboxed Life is serving others. What better way to serve than to share what you know with others to help them escape from their boxes as well. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, even complete strangers and help make the unboxed life a worldwide phenomena.

Tools for unboxing your life: Everything here is always published free of charge. I don’t advertise or push products on people that they don’t need or want. As time goes on I will be offering some more in-depth tools you can use to take your Unboxed Life to the next level. Once these products are launched I won’t be pressing anyone to buy them, but they will be there for those who desire them. An Unboxed Life starts with a conscious choice to recognize the larger world and that will always be free.

The dream of an unboxed world

My hope in starting this movement and continuing to build this project is my desire to see every person living their desired life and realizing their full human potential. A world where people are not bound by their limited world view and the idea they are alone in this existence is a beautiful one. You are the most important part of that dream. The success of this project depends on your action, commitment, and continued openness to personal growth. I am so glad you are here and sincerely thank you for it. Lets get out there and break down some boxes!

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