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Boldly existing outside the box through conscious living and constant learning.

Start Your Journey Here

New to Unboxed Life? Wondering what this movement is all about? Below you will find all the essentials to get you started on your own journey towards freedom and adventure. Read through all the materials here and throughout the blog and start down your path to an Unboxed Life. Feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions, or leave a comment below.


About: This page will give you a brief explanation about my motives behind creating this movement, the main topics and things I write about, and some background on why I have a passion for sharing these ideas with others. You can also read a little about me on the About Tanner page if you are interested.

Join The Movement: The only way that the Unboxed Movement is going to impact the world if for us all to work together to make it happen. On this page you can find all the ways to get involved and to be a part of the revolution. Your support and energy is appreciated and very much needed.

Essential Posts

From Stong Bases Spring Powerful Structures: Here you will find the core principles of the Unboxed Life and what this movement stands for. Being familiar with these things and starting with a basis built on these principles will get you on the path towards Unboxing your life.

10 Steps You Can Take Today To Unbox Your Life: We are all looking for concrete tools that can help us achieve our dreams and find our passions. This post provides you with 10 simple and easily achievable steps to find your Unboxed Life.

25 Things On Adventure, Work, and Contentment: A list of life lessons that I have learned and that I continue to try and live by and make a part of my daily functioning. I encourage you to create your own list and share it with others.

Guide Books

The Unboxed Guide To Serving Other: Part 1: The first in a series of three guide books focused on making true and meaningful service part of our everyday lives. In this comprehensive guide we explore how to prepare our hearts and minds for a life of service and attempt to create a vibrant living definition of what true service really is. Free to download for any who find it useful.

Further guide books to come. You can check out the Guides page for more information.


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