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Special Projects

You have found the home of all the associated projects that are currently going on or are in the process of happening. Many of these things relate to Unboxed Life, some are personal projects, but all are undertaken with an eye towards honoring the interconnectedness of human kind and the responsibility of each of us to honor that connection. Creativity, service, and legacy work are all part of these projects and I hope you find something of use here and thank you for visiting.

Kisumu Child Rescue Center and Advocacy Center

You can visit the website here to learn all about the project and find out how you can support this work. We are counting on you to make this happen so get involved and see the change you can make. You can also read the original launch post for the Center here.

Update 8-14-12: Fundraising efforts have been initiated and out goal of $13,500 to start the Center will be conquered very soon. The site for the center has been acquired and is ready to be renovated and brought up to the standards that the children of Kenya deserve. As funds begin to come in the progress of the Center will be updated here so please follow along.


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