Unboxed Life

Boldly existing outside the box through conscious living and constant learning.


Hey there! Glad you stopped by. On this page I like to share some cool resources from other extraordinary people who can help aid you in your quest for the Unboxed Life. I encourage you to visit these awesome projects and see what they have to offer. If we are to see the whole world Unboxed we are going to need all the help we can get! Enjoy.

Life Hacking

The Art of Non Conformity: Creator Chris Guillebeau takes you on a journey of self-discovery and personal fulfillment. Specializing in tools for living the life you want and not being a slave to the status quo, Chris provides endless resources for making the most out of life.

Live Your Legend: Started by Scott Dinsmore, Live Your Legend is all about finding work that sparks your passion and makes you excited about getting up in the morning. He also offers some pretty awesome tools for signing up by email.


Bootsnall: An indie travelers paradise, Bootsnall is your one-stop-shop for everything budget travel related. Awesome forums, Round the World ticket tools, and inspirational stories of travel and learning.

Travel Hacking: Another superb creation from Chris Guillebeau, this site has everything you need to learn how to work the Frequent Flyer Mile system. Get at least one free roundtrip ticket a year, guaranteed!


Trista Veith Photography: Think the Unboxed Life logo is pretty sweet? Trista Veith created the logo and helped me make it as amazing as it is. Check out her photography and design work, pretty awesome.


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