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Day Zero Project

This is the home of my very own Day Zero Project! For information about the Day Zero Project you can go here and not only read about the background of this project, but see lots of folks who are taking part in this amazing journey.

My Day Zero Project

Begins: July, 21st 2012

Ends: April, 18th 2015

I have decided to undertake this ambitious, self-imposed adventure for a couple of reasons. First, Unboxed Life is all about the power and value of new experiences. As you can see from my list, many of the things I will do are new and exciting adventures that I know will expand my mind. Second, it is a way to hold myself accountable and to not let the things I aim to achieve in life go by the wayside. It also makes me accountable to you as well, giving me a group of people who will keep me honest and on track. Lastly, I am doing this because I don’t want to be average. I want to live an extraordinary life in my own way to leave behind a legacy I can be proud of. The Day Zero Project and many of its elements will be part of that journey.

In 1001 days I can take stock of the progress I have made, revel in victories, lament failures, and find myself stronger and more aware of myself and the world around me than when I started. No matter how many things I accomplish or fail to achieve, if I walk away with a more open mind and a wider world view I will consider it a success.

Nuts and Bolts of This List

  • Items that are complete will be crossed out
  • Items in progress with be bolded
  • Each month I will do a Day Zero Project update. Items with links will take you to the update where that item was accomplished

Pretty straight forward, right? Today is the beginning of a bold adventure, a journey that will, without question, lead to uncomfortable places and challenge the innermost parts of my soul. Along the way there will be failure, joy, pain, beauty and ugliness, love and hate, but above all else there will be wonder. I hope you follow along and more than that, I hope you go on your own journey in your own way and find what the Unboxed Life is all about.


Legacy Work/Volunteerism

Start a non-profit organization (more on this later)
Help create a Child Rescue Center in Kenya (more on this later)
Help create and maintain a medical clinic in Africa (more on this later)
Not miss a day of posting for Unboxed Life
Have 100 followers on Unboxed Life
Have someone do a guest post on Unboxed Life
Do a guest post on another blog
Volunteer with Washington Trails Association
Inspire someone to make their own Day Zero list
Volunteer on a local organic farm
Volunteer with a non-profit in my neighborhood
Volunteer at a soup kitchen

Creative Projects

Make a photo-essay
Do a photo gallery from one of our trips to Africa and display it publicly
Write 5 handwritten letters
Keep a Day Zero Project photo record and create a photo timeline at the end
Give a handmade birthday gift
Organize my photos
Keep a list of 1 sentence to describe each day for these 1001 days


Run a half-marathon to raise money for charity
Do one Tough Mudder each year
Do the Seattle to Portland bike ride
Set an exercise schedule and stick to it
Stop drinking soda
Be able to do 50 Pushups in a row
Be able to do 20 pullups in a row
Be able to run 6 miles regularly
Land a jump on a snowboard


Tell my wife I love her every day
Kiss my wife at the top of the Empire State Building
Stay in bed all day and watch movies with my wife
Talk to my family more often
Take a dance class with my wife
Take my dog to get a treat at the dog bakery
Give my wife a spontaneous gift
Organize a birthday party for a friend
Help my wife attend Nursing school
Visit my siblings who don’t live nearby at least once not during a holiday
Give a handmade gift for a birthday or Christmas


Bungee Jump
Take a motorcycle camping trip
See a bear in the wild
Take a road trip
See the band Incubus in concert
Do something crazy on my 30th birthday
Drive a motorcycle in a foreign country
Rock climb outside
Sleep overnight in a hammock
See a wild rhino
Go paintballing
Take each of my nephews camping
Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
Go backpacking once a month for the 4 months of summer/autumn
Live in a new city
Go to the airport without a ticket and take a flight somewhere

Personal Growth

Read a book a month
Take a martial arts class
Complete at least 80 of my 101 things
Complete 3 Day Zero Project items each month
Have a Day Zero Project completion party
See an opera
Don’t go online for 24 hours while at home (does not include camping or being out of the country)
Visit a local organic farm
Plant a tree
Shoot sub-100 on 18 holes of golf
Eat a food I have never eaten once a month

Random Acts of Kindness

Pay for someone’s bill in line behind me
Buy a first class ticket and then trade it with a stranger in coach
Compliment a stranger once a week
Give away something that is of value to me to someone who would enjoy or need it
Organize a coat and blanket drive in the winter and hand them out to the homeless
Leave a 100% tip to a deserving service worker
Leave a positive, uplifting note on the windshield of a random car


Visit 5 new countries
Take a spur of the moment weekend trip with my wife
Visit Glacier National Park
Visit Alaska
See the Grand Canyon
Go back to India
Visit New York City

Random Fun

Stay up all night
See Boston Celtics game in the Garden
Restore a motorcycle with my brother
Go swimming at night
Get a mohawk
Swim in the ocean
Valet park my car once
Take a mental health day
Go to a live NFL game
Make a pie from scratch
Take a walk in the rain


Pay off all my debt (not including student loans)
Save $5000
Be able to live on one income
Donate $10 for every incomplete item on this list to a worthy non-profit at the end of the 1001 days
Set aside $10 each time I complete a task
Pay off my car
Go one whole week without spending any money

Final and most important one

Smile and laugh every day


6 comments on “Day Zero Project

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  4. Angel B
    August 6, 2012

    This is an awesome list! Best of luck to you in completing these items there are a few on here that I would like to accomplish as well! Especially eliminating debt and not spending money for a week but some of your random acts of kindness are really small things that would really be great for someone.

    • Tanner Colton
      August 6, 2012

      I think you hit it right on, that sometimes in life the really simple actions are the most profound. I think that we get caught up sometimes in the grandeur or things and forget that something as simple as a smile or just listening to someone can have a profound impact on their life. Thanks AngelB, I hope you can follow along.

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