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Boldly existing outside the box through conscious living and constant learning.

About Tanner

When talking about being boxed in and unable to think, act, or see outside of the narrow confines we live in, you could not have  found a more profound example than me. My boxes were fortified by years of small town, small thinking childhood experiences and at times a constrictive and conformist upbringing. As the years passed and I found myself out in the world, alone, at the mercy of reality, I started to get the sense that just beyond my reach there was something. I wasn’t exactly sure what it was, but my gut said that this couldn’t be it.

Much like the majority of the population my path was pretty well laid out, the goals, dreams, and arbitrary demarcation points of a “successful” life squarely in my sights. I went to college, did exceptionally well, and was in pursuit of the career that would give me all the things that would make me happy. At around the age of 23 I was married, a college graduate, holding a promising position in the health care field, otherwise the symbol of the successful path in life. But why then was it not enough? I looked around at my world and saw nothing but walls, barriers, and chains that were in place to shield me from the rest of the world I knew existed.

Right around that time my wife, Kolena, came to me and expressed a desire to do some volunteer work of some kind, Africa she thought, seemed like the place to do it. Africa!? Really? I had my hesitations that, in hindsight, were products of the false sense of finality I had insulated my life with. Eventually we made the commitment to see it through, to travel to Africa, and to serve someone else.

That was almost five years ago now and I can tell you with the utmost confidence that my life is completely different now than it was then. What happened you ask? The systematic, deliberate, and ongoing destruction of the box I created is what happened. The realization that I am not independent from the rest of the world, but rather a piece of a vibrant tapestry built from the faces and lives of the human race. That the small fraction I call reality is just that, a fraction of the possibilities and beauty the world has to offer. With eyes and heart open I have made my way down the path of unboxed living aiming toward a future of enlightenment, fulfillment, and unbound prospects that come with escaping the box.

Since then Kolena and I have traveled the world from Africa to India and back to Seattle soaking in everything we can, all the while remaining open to the education that comes from leaving our boxes behind. I am still early in my journey (I still, at the moment, have to work a traditional job but am working on moving on from that as well) and have much further to go to completely free myself from my box, but I am infinitely more fulfilled and happy than I ever was before. My desire, mission, passion, conviction now is to share my experiences with as many people as I can and help them start their journey toward unboxed living. Welcome to Unboxed Life!

My story is not unique. I am not special, elite, or otherwise separate from you. We are all in this together and I want to come along side you and make it happen together. My life is on a new path, one paved with the remnants of the box I once existed in, flanked by the walls that still seek to shield my view. I am so grateful and excited to be here with you and can’t wait to get started. Today is the day, now is the moment!


One comment on “About Tanner

  1. Angel B
    August 27, 2012

    Awesome and Inspiring story!

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