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“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”


I think that, at its core, this is what Unboxed Life has been about up to this point. I began this small patch of electronic grass as nothing more than a way to work through things, think out-loud, and in the meantime maybe help someone else think about something else. Often times we don’t know where a path leads and even less often do we know what that path will do to us.

I’m here today, writing to you, at a certain crossroads where life seems dictated more by chance, faith, and courage than by reason, logic, or safety. It has been some time since I have written here and for that, if you are there, I am sorry.

The reason for this, what will be my last writing on Unboxed Life, is to close a chapter and to continue to open another. If you have read any of my work lately, no matter how sparse it may be, you will know that, along with my wife and others, I have founded a nonprofit organization called Unboxed Lives. In this venture lies the next phase of what began as a simple method of therapeutic exercise.

If it is not obvious, this organization shares many things, including a name, with the principles that Unboxed Life was founded on: expanding the mind, creating a legacy, serving, living. We have been at our work for almost a year now and I could never have known the impact the choice to embark on this journey would have on my life.

I see now that what has happened and what continues to happen is proof that life is best lived through following dreams, opening your mind and heart, and seeking that which tries to hide. Though I have struggled to come to this point I know it is best.

This will be my final post here.

This singular act is not to be seen as an ending but as a transition, a transference of passion if you will. Though the light of Unboxed Life sets what rises on the other side could not have happened without it. Without going through the things I have during this time, Unboxed Lives could never have been born.

I want to try, as feeble as it may be, to say thank you. To express to you, the bright light that comes out of my laptop, the letters put together to make not just names, but friends, my gratitude and appreciation. It has been fun, trying, painful, exasperating, beautiful, and all together life-changing and I could not have found all this without you.

It was always my hope to reach people with my writing and I hope I did. I hope I can count on all of you continuing on this journey with me. It would bless me so much if you would go here and learn about Unboxed Lives and continue to come along side me.

So, there are no more words, no more clever puns or inspirational quotes. All that is left, simply and complete, is to say thank you and goodbye, but hopefully, only for now.

Stay Unboxed.


2 comments on “

  1. vtristal
    June 5, 2013

    Very well put! It has been a joy to see this blog evolve into something much larger. Isn’t it crazy to think that at one point this whole thing was just a thought. I am looking forward to seeing more from the non-profit…the new website looks amazing.

  2. Isaac Yuen
    July 5, 2013

    I have enjoyed reading your musings on this blog over the past year. Thank you for sharing.

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This entry was posted on June 4, 2013 by in Legacy Work.


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