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How Our Dreams Can Show Us Our True Purpose

“Listening to the voice of the Dream, you must make a choice.  Keep the life of security and conformity, or travel into the darkness to find your awaiting paradise.”

-Angel B

According to Oxford Dictionary a dream is:

  1. a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal

That sounds great right? A feel good definition. But right below that in the definition is this:

  • an unrealistic or self-indulgent fantasy

Talk about cold water… Why are we so quick to dismiss dreams in our society? Even in defining the word we build in a way to downplay the value of dreams and make sure that people understand that dreams are to be thought-of and not lived. Think about this. What was the first dream you ever had for your life? What was the first thing you can remember saying “That is what I want to do when I grow up.” Now imagine for every person that dream came true. A whole world of people doing nothing but living their dreams. Pretty awesome right? I think we would be a race of happier creatures if that was true.

Ok, so maybe that is not exactly ideal. I mean if that was real there would be a lot more ninjas and princesses in the world, right? The point is this: dreams are not to be dismissed or cast in a negative light, they are to be our purpose and reality here on Earth. The dreams we have as children grow over time as we grow as people. What happens at some point is that we stop growing as people with our dreams and they are cast aside because we can not keep up with them. We diminish the importance of our dreams and fit them nicely into boxes stored far in the back of our minds and hearts. Replacing them are things we perceive as more “realistic” or “plausible” based on the culture we find ourselves in. Achieving our real and true dreams somehow no longer fits into our life of comfort and ease so we vilify them and hide them away in dark places not to be heard from again.

The amazing thing is that even against all our efforts to destroy our own dreams, they still find their way into our lives. Every night when we close our eyes, our bodies heavy from a day or responsiblity and tasks, our dreams come out to play and to be heard. This time is when our dreams and desires can become real again, if only in an artificial way. I firmly believe that there is a real connection between the dreams we have when we sleep, and the purpose of our lives on Earth, our destiny if you will. It may not be as clear as all that, but if we nurture this idea we can begin to take back the dreams we have left to die.

In the land of sleep and fantasy our minds are allowed to imagine, to manifest what our heart desires, and is not bound by rigorous and tedious laws and foolish self delusions we use to mask our dreams. In this place we are free to explore what God has imagined for us, what the meaning of our life is without fear of ridicule or humiliation. The question should be for all of us is how do we get from the dreams that live only in our sleeping minds to being able to manifest and truly LIVE those dreams? Unfortunately this is not an easy thing to answer and even harder to do. Our society has done a damn good job of convincing of that our dreams are nothing more than thoughts to occupy our minds when we don’t have real life things to do.

The first thing that can help us overcome this fact is to come to the realization that our dreams are most often in line with our legacy in life. We have talked about legacy work here before and have explored the importance of fulfilling our personal destiny in life. The role that dreams play in this process is of paramount importance. Along with this realization should come the understand that no matter who we are, we are all meant for greatness in life. For each person great and wonderful things are meant to happen and meant to be lived. What we must to do to come into full cohesion with our legacy is to un-filter our view of what is possible and stop looking at life through the blinders of conformity, falsity, and limitations. Behind this veil that society places on our eyes lies the path that will lead us to the realization of our dreams, the real ones, that live deep in our hearts.

What we must also do in this endeavour is to let got of our need for things to be easy. The realization of our dreams is of utmost worth to us, and therefore will not be easy to achieve. One of the clearest and most profound roadmaps for this task can be found in a project called “Throne of Dreams” by Angel B and the guys at Dark Lion. In this cohesion of music, visual art, and inspired writing Angel B lays out the steps to achieving ones dreams:

  1. The choice of the Dreamer to pursue his Dream and reach his Throne (“Climb”)
  2. The struggle and obstacles the Dreamer faces in pursuing his Dream (“Chase”)
  3. The Dreamer’s fascination with his Dream and his resistance towards leaving it (“Please Don’t Wake Me Up”)
  4. The Monster of Fear and Doubt that blocks the Dreamer’s pathway to the Throne (“Nightmare”)
  5. And lastly, the Dreamer’s achievement of success and his resolve to keep pushing forward to maintain his paradise (“Throne”).

The goal of this project, and of each of our individual journeys toward our dreams, is to go boldly in the direction of that thing that makes life worth living for you and to not ever deviate from that pursuit. At each step we must fight against our own instincts to dismiss our dreams as foley. As we begin to come closer to unity with out dreams the manifestation of their possibility, no their reality, is shown to us and becomes evident more than it ever has. It is about training our brains to listen to what our hearts are saying and to not confine our dreams to those dark corners in the spaces in our minds. Let your dreams free from the sleeping mind and have them run wild in the world of the waking where they can make an impact on this planet.

No matter what your dream is, you are meant for something beautiful, something transformational for yourself and those around you. Our purpose here on Earth is manifested in the existence and living of our dreams we hold close. Maybe you don’t know what it is right now, that is perfectly fine. As you begin to see the world not as a limiting and delineated series of steps, but ripe with the possibility for realizing your human potential your legacy will show itself to you. It is then up to you to not let go of it, to not only see it and feel it, but to perfect it and then to share it with the world. My advice to you: Dream big, then live bigger.


9 comments on “How Our Dreams Can Show Us Our True Purpose

  1. Jennifer Stuart
    September 20, 2012

    I love this 🙂
    “Along with this realization should come the understand that no matter who we are, we are all meant for greatness in life” I love that quote. I was thinking this morning as I made coffee that it’s not so much *what* I’m doing, but *how* I’m doing it. I started infusing my water with verbal intentions for the day (Have you heard of Dr. Emoto’s water experiments? Crazy stuff) and feeling a sense of joy and gratitude for the simplicity of the day, rather than the usual dread and other feelings that I can get as I make the coffee.

    Sometimes I feel there is a benefit of reassessing my dreams/life goals and breaking them down into some parts, such as, “What do I think I would get by living that dream?” or, “How would this dream affect people around me?” Sometimes, there are needs hidden in the dream that are less dependent on circumstances and more within my realm of control or empowerment. Such as, if I decide that I want to be a famous song writer, what is the need in that? To help others with my words? To be “seen” and loved by many? This leaves the power of my feeling in the hands of all the world, and specifically, the media.

    But what about feeling seen and loved by one person…can I open myself up to be that vulnerable? Maybe that would make me feel just as good. What about writing for some people, but not in the form of songs? These things can meet the same needs and suddenly help me feel fulfilled, even though the content of the dream has shifted. That was just an example..but you see what I mean? Some dreams end up with people being quite reliant on all of society to love and worship them, but that feeling of being loved is what they are after, and that is a tricky feeling to let happen. It’s easier to put it off into the future- “I’ll be happy *when* I am famous or have changed the world.” but really, our real empowerment comes from living box-free *right now* and finding little ways of meeting our needs for the quality of life that we think the dream will bring, and then the dream will sort of unfold, perhaps.
    It just dawned on me that it is almost like writing a story, where a fun way to do it is to make the character, put them in a cool situation, and watch it unfold. If we write with too much plot in mind, the story ends up being dry and mechanical. In our lives, if we can build our own character and make it what we want, and live with authenticity and listening to our heart, the eventual dream may unfold in a way that surprises us, based on the integrity of the situation! Okay, sorry, this is ridiculously long..but basically I love the post and I’m glad it was the first thing I read this morning! Setting me off on the right listen-to-my-heart-damnit foot! Thank you 🙂

    • Tanner Colton
      September 20, 2012

      Wow Jennifer, I appreciate this comment so much. Just the fact that you took the time to engage with my writing so much means a lot to me. I wanted to pick out one point you made here and expand on it. You say “our real empowerment comes from living box-free *right now* and finding little ways of meeting our needs for the quality of life that we think the dream will bring, and then the dream will sort of unfold, perhaps.” I really like the idea of setting our life up in a way that invites the realization of our dreams into our life. This, in conjuction with being fully honest with ourselves about the dreams we hold, can really make for a valuable tool in following the dreams that live in our hearts. The interesting idea that our dreams should not be so specific, or boxed-in, but more made up of what we want our life to feel like or look like is cool. I have never thought about it that way, it really leaves room for us to explore our purpose and our skills and talents. Thank you again Jennifer for this comment, I am glad I can be a part of your day. Take care.

    • Angel B
      September 27, 2012

      Hey Jennifer! Great comment, you mentioned that it’s not so much what your doing but how your doing it, I think that great I read a great book called “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek that you would probably really enjoy if you haven’t already read it. He says the how and what are basically byproducts of why you do things and what you believe in. Just thought it might be something you might be into base on your comment! Have a great day!

      • Tanner Colton
        September 27, 2012

        That is a really cool idea, that we need to start with “why” we do things and figure out how later. I am going to check out that book as well. Thanks AngelB.

      • Jennifer Stuart
        September 27, 2012

        I haven’t read it- I’ll put it on my book to-do list, thanks!

  2. kolena
    September 20, 2012

    Great post

  3. Angel B
    September 27, 2012

    Tanner thanks for writing such an awesome post and for relating it back to the music Mark and I created this is truly awesome and inspiring. I really look forward to working on some more projects with you in the future since are beliefs are so heavily related and aligned. Keep doing what you do bro! It’s very inspiring!

    • Tanner Colton
      September 27, 2012

      You are very welcome man, you guys put out some great work and I really enjoy it. I know that there are going to be plenty of things we will work together on in the future, I am really excited for it all. Thanks for the comment and for everything else you have done. Take care.

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