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Day Zero Project Update: July 2012

“Basically you need to surpass your own ambitions in order to be who you need to be.”

-Bob Dylan

The end of July, 2012 marks the completion of the first month in my Day Zero Project even if it was an abridged month. Though the length of time was small, many great things have happened and the experience has been full even to this point. Most of all as I begin this ambitious journey, the support from others, those I know personally and those who share in my writing, has been inspiring and humbling. So many people have joined in and want to participate in the experiences on the list with me. I never thought when I started this that other people would seek to get involved and want to be part of my journey, it is amazing.

This being the first monthly update of the DZP I wanted to take a second and lay out what these will look like. First off, you can visit the Day Zero Project page any time to see an updated list and check our where the progress lies. I will strive to keep the list up to day and provide links on the experiences I complete to the post in which I describe them. So how will these updates function? What I want to do is go through the Project items that I completed over the last month and share with you the experience of completed said item. When possible I will provide pictures and/or video and try to relate the experience back to Unboxed Living as well. I will also update you on the ongoing items that are long-term experiences and how they are progressing as time goes on.

My hope with these updates is to not only be able to share my experiences with you, my awesome readers, but to keep myself accountable so that I can achieve my goal of completing this project. I am counting on you to keep me on track. Ask questions, participate, share your thoughts so that this experiment can grow into an entity of its own.


One time experiences:

1. Give a handmade birthday gift

It was my moms birthday on July 30th. Perfect! Here was my opportunity to make a handmade gift and give it to someone who deserves it more than anyone else. I kicked around ideas; framed poem, scrapbook, photo montage. I finally settled on a photo book complete with some pictures of my mom and I from when I was younger and a collection of some of my best photography. It took some time to put together, print, write the poem for the inside cover, and prepare for giving. When it was complete and I picked it up from the printers I was pleased with how it came out. Personal, unique, one-of-a-kind.

We took my mom out to dinner a couple days after her birthday and I gave her the gift before we went in to the restaurant. As she flipped through the pages her excitement and joy were the perfect reward for the work that went into it. My mom has given so much and to be able give a gift that shows her how much she means to me was incredible.

2. Leave a positive, uplifting note on the windsheild of a random car

I was really excited about this item and wanted to do it right away. Though the experience is more one of internal satisfaction due to not getting to see the reaction of the person whose car I left the note, it is still one that uplifts my heart and bring positive energy into my life. The note was simple and nothing profound, but my hope is that whoever saw it smiled if just for a few seconds. It seems so often we will take time to tear people down when we feel slighted or disrepected, but when it comes to uplifting others we are far too busy in our own minds. I like to think that the person who got my note turned around and did something positive for someone else. That would be something wouldn’t it?

Upcoming Experiences:

There are a few items that I have planned and are upcoming in the month of August. One of the big ones is skydiving!! A group of my friends and my wife have decided to take the ultimate leap and throw ourselves out of a plane and fall at very high speeds. August 25th is the day. I am so very excited and can not wait for the day.

Without giving too much away yet, there are a couple of the Legacy Work items that I will be giving updates on this month. The last month or so have brought some amazing changes into my life that have put a new path before me. As these things become more solid and are ready to be shared with all of you I will bring you up to speed. What is happening is amazing and something I never thought I would see, but it is starting and life will never be the same.

The Day Zero Project, to me, is about finding personal growth and enlightenment through the experiencing of all that life has to offer. It is about making conscious choices to move through the world deliberately with our eyes open and our hearts full. It is about sharing in what life is truly about, the true purpose for each of us on earth, and the realization of our individual destinies. This Project is simply a tool by which to chronicle said journey and to share in it with awesome people like you. I hope you will do the same. I hope you will take time to lift your heads from the daily push forward to see all the life can bring. Whether you make a list or not, whether you check things off or complete items does not matter in slightest. What matters is that your mind is open and you exist with the knowledge that the world is larger than you can see and feel right now. Your destiny is waiting, your legacy left un-built. Take control and fulfill all you are meant to do. Thanks for following along.

Photos: taken by Tanner Colton, all rights reserved


2 comments on “Day Zero Project Update: July 2012

  1. Angel B
    August 6, 2012

    Great progress Tanner! You are truly an inspiring person!

    • Tanner Colton
      August 6, 2012

      Thanks AngelB, I appreciate the support. This project is going to be lots of fun, but challenging at the same time. Thanks again.

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