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On True Service And It’s Power To Change

I know that I am not unique in my experience of feeling like there has to be more to life. The question of “Is this it?” I have been engaged countless conversations where the topic of fulfillment in life and the greater meaning of our existence has been at the forefront. So what is the answer? Well, if I had that answer I would be making far more of an impact in the world than I currently am. What I can say is that among the things you can do with your life that will give it purpose and contentment, service might be the strongest and most powerful action.

As you know (and if you don’t, check it out here) this community, movement, space, whatever you call it, is all about breaking free from the boxes that contain our thinking and our actions. I firmly believe that the best way to broaden your world and participate fully in the unending web of life that connects us all is to serve others. Though it is not the only way, true service done with love and commitment brings to the forefront of our lives a connection to others, a remedy for the gut-feeling that what we are doing now is not the full extent of the human experience.

In the coming weeks I am going to be publishing the first in a series of in-depth guides to making service a priority in your life and how to ensure that your service is the most transformational it can be for everyone involved. The first of these guides will be released on Wednesday. The Unboxed Guide to Serving Others: What is Service and How do we Prepare for it? is all about readying our lives for service being our main focus and defining what true service really is. This 15 page guide will, of course, be free to anyone who feels they can utilize it and will be available to download on Wednesday.

To get ready for the release I thought we might look at just a few tools you can use right now to reshape your mind, heart, and life to change the world through service to others. When the guide is published we will dive deeper into these things, but you can start thinking about some of these things now.

  • Decide what your motivations are for serving others
  • Is there a distinction between serving and helping or fixing?
  • Figure out what your goal for your service is
  • What does successful service look like to you
  • Think about what challenges you might face and develop solutions before they become roadblocks
  • How can you include as many others in your service goals as possible

Service in and of itself is a pursuit that can literally change the world and might be the only single action that exists that can do so. I can’t promise that making the serving of others a priority in your life will bring nirvana, but it will start you on a path of self-discovery and toward answering the question “Is there more to life?” Our society tells us that pursuing “things” and finding happiness in the pre-determined, pleasantly paved path of steps and phases is what life is about. I refuse to believe that and I bet you do too.

When we break down our boxes and start to see the larger world the realization that the path that is given to us isn’t necessarily the best one becomes clear. In the end how you get there is your journey, but making service a focal point in that journey, I promise you, will aid you in your search for meaning and leave the world we live in a better place. And in the end, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Thank you so much for stopping by. If you haven’t yet, head over to The Movement  and see how you can get involved with Unboxing the world. Subscribe via email to get updates on new content and to get notified about upcoming specials, and always remember, life is fine outside the box!


5 comments on “On True Service And It’s Power To Change

  1. Mary
    June 9, 2012

    I really liked the Winston Churchill quote! I believe one of the reasons we are here on this earth is to care for each other. I think also, though, our first responsibility is to take care of ourselves and our families, but we can always share something, even if it is just our time. Like the widow’s mite, which wasn’t much, but in light of what she had, it was huge. How we treat others is one of the only things we take with us when die, so it must be pretty important. Love hearing insights and other opinions. Keep it up, Tanner.

    • Tanner Colton
      June 10, 2012

      I couldn’t agree more. I think that often times people get caught up in what they think they can or can not give to others when the reality remains that we can all give something, like you said, even if that is just our time or our ability to listen and be. The most meaningful transformation happens when real personal connections are made. I do agree though that before we can make our service to others the best it can be, we have to make sure our own hearts and minds are in a good place. Bottom line: we have a responsibility to each other as human beings and it is up to us to honor that responsibility in our own way. Thank you for the comment and insights!

  2. kolena
    June 11, 2012

    I really enjoy reading your posts everyweek. This always gives me something to think about and how I can make small changes in my/our life:) You inspire me everday to be a better person.

    • Tanner Colton
      June 11, 2012

      Thank you so much for the comment, I appreciate that you are able to find something helpful here each time I post. I think that more than anything why I write is for what is in my head and heart to help others who might be thinking about the same things. I hope I can do that and if not, I rely on my readers to let me know! Thanks again Kolena.

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