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Fighting The Fight Against The Armies of Average

Good for you! You have chosen to embark on a bold journey of discovery and enlightenment. This path is not an easy one, nor is it free from obstacles. We will talk a lot about overcoming those challenges as time goes on, but I wanted to start here talking about the people who will seek to fortify your box and make it even more difficult to escape it. These people want you to remain in the dark, sheltered from experience and blinded to truth and beauty. They may not be doing it purposefully, but they will do it nonetheless. Being aware of them and stockpiling a metaphorical bunker of weapons to defeat them will go a long way in making your jailbreak from the box successful.

So who are these people? Where do they come from? What do they want? How can I defeat them? These are the right questions. They may not manifest themselves in specific individuals in your life, but they most often represent counter-ideologies whose purpose is to refute the choice you have made to break from your box. These ways of thinking or rationalizing will be placed in your path to dull your hammer-strikes as you pound the walls that surround you. The success of your journey depends on learning how to defeat them and how to spot them before they succeed in derailing your voyage.

The Doubter

Who are they?

The most powerful of all the enemies, The Doubter will stop at nothing to make you second guess your decisions. With sound logic and cunning debate he will plant the seed of uncertainty in your mind and water it with a barrage of pessimism. The Doubter is skilled in the art of ambiguity and can pummel you with blows without your knowledge.

What do they want?

The Doubter wants one thing: failure. He wants you to give up before you even begin and to realize the error of your ways. He wants you to do what you want, but to just remember that you will probably fail no matter what you do. Malfunction is his fuel and average is his bread and butter.

How to defeat them

Much like many of the enemies you will face the most powerful weapon is confidence. Remaining true to what you believe in your heart and grasping tight to your desire to expand your mind will shield you from The Doubter’s attacks. If you falter, your allies will be essential to overcoming your momentary lapse in judgment. Lean on your circle of like-minded people to bolster your energy and propel you forward toward the ultimate goal.

The Conformist

Who are they?

A close ally of The Doubter, The Conformist lives by a code of passivity and has a fierce passion for order. When someone makes the mistake of pursuing a path that leaves the natural order of things, he will pounce with the ferocity of a lion in an attempt to refute your desired path. If not overcome, The Conformist will drain all desire for an extraordinary life and strip you of the need to experience anything new or different. He is dangerous, but does have a weakness…

What do they want?

One thing and one thing only: conventionality. A world devoid of originality, passion, and empowerment is one run by The Conformist. His unwavering desire to squash original thoughts or creative expression will at first seem invincible, but with persistence and courage, it can be defeated.

How to defeat them

Because The Conformist sees any deviation from the status quo as transgression, he must operate in strict alignment with the arbitrary rules set forth by society. By simply deciding to not adhere to those rules, to think for yourself and pursue your passions, you have taken away his only weapon. The Conformist will be flabbergasted by your exceptional individuality and will be powerless against your enlightenment. The path leading outside the box will once again be at your feet.

The Lonely Underachiever

Who are they?

We all know the saying “misery loves company.” Well The Lonely Underachiever is no different. In an attempt to rationalize his own unsuccessful ventures, this enemy will seek to bring as many people down with him as possible. His negativity, skepticism, and overall poor attitude are his most potent weapons and his following is rapidly expanding.

What do they want?

Company, plain and simple. The Lonely Underachiever wants nothing more than to have the entire world be as miserable and average as they are through stifling progress and extinguishing pure creativity. They will not stop until every person is comfortably average, existing forever within the confines of now impenetrable boxes, living out their days blind to the larger world.

How to defeat them

You greatest weapon against this formidable foe will be your passion and conviction. Do not allow others who have failed to convince you to do the same. Stay strong in your desire to absorb everything the world has to offer and to work to make this world better. If there is one thing that The Lonely Underachiever can not overcome it is conviction. Remain steadfast in that and you will have no problem defeating this enemy.

The enemies who seek to destroy you are immense and will appear in many forms other than the ones described above. Others might include:

  • The Skeptic
  • The Lord of Negativity
  • The Traditionalist
  • The Realist

Be on the look out for them and remember that your greatest tool against anyone who seeks to bring you down is the unwavering feeling that life is larger than I can see, that the world moves on in an unending dance that you want to participate in. Always remember that there are others like you fighting the same fight, facing the same foes, who can offer companionship and cooperation. Seek them out and surround yourself with them.

A good first step in that would be to leave a comment here. What enemies have you encountered? What did you do to overcome them? What help can you offer others who face the same obstacles? Together we can defeat the Armies of Average and leave a world that is more open and tolerant.

image: Karla


7 comments on “Fighting The Fight Against The Armies of Average

  1. Andrea
    May 16, 2012

    Sometimes I am my own worst enemy, I want to do and have it all but it seems out of reach…I always try to look into my heart and know what is truly important. Some things may be out of my control, but I also have the will to make things happen and live my life beyond just what I think I am supposed to do according to society norms. This article reminds me of that fact, thank you 🙂

    • Tanner Colton
      May 16, 2012

      Hey Andrea,
      Thanks for the feedback and sharing your thoughts. I think we all struggle with knowing what our true path in life is and to me that is what makes life beautiful. We all get to decide for ourselves what our mark will be and how we will leave the world when we are gone. Being able to free ourselves from narrow-minded thinking is the first step toward that goal. Good for you and keep it up!

      • Andrea
        May 16, 2012

        I agree, I know I am incredibly lucky to have such a “problem” 🙂

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