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The First Step Of A Thousand Mile Journey

Here we are, on the cusp. A vast, unexplored, untamed landscaped laid out before us like some undiscovered vista atop a jagged peak. What lies beneath in the valley below? How do I get there? What do I need to survive there? Are there others who seek to uncover this unknown land?

Making the conscious choice to see the world for what it truly is as it exists outside of our own small boxes is like taking that first step into that unknown valley. There is hesitation, reservation, apprehension, and fear. But the promise of unimagined beauty is enough to propel us forward towards our goals.

Unboxed Life. What does it mean? I am a visual person so pictures work for me. Imagine your life as it is existing in a cardboard box. Enclosed on all sides with what makes up your life now plastered on its sides. Here we sit, seeing only what we place there and what exists within the reality of the box.

Now imagine there is a pin hole in one side. You peek through it and see unexplainable things. Things like nothing you have ever seen or experienced. There are things that exist outside the box, mysterious, unfathomable, un-experienced riches that seem infinite in their existence and their impact. I want what is outside the box! Get me outside the box!

Unboxed living is all about destroying the walls that close us in mentally and physically: The active pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the larger world that exists apart from our small daily life. Here we seek to broaden our minds through experiencing all the world has to offer and finding meaning in serving others and creating a world filled with compassion and cooperation. We will seek to experience the interconnectedness of the human race and attempt to explore that connection for the betterment of ourselves and our fellow people. In short, unboxed living is constant learning.

This project has been in progress for some time, my whole life you could say. Growing up in a small town that, in itself, served as a box to limit my mind, I soon realized I needed to know more. As time moved on I soon realized that I wasn’t bound by what I am “supposed” to do or what things “should” be important to me. There is a whole world out there that moves, breaths, loves, and learns without me. Something struck me and the realization that I needed to know that world took hold.

Moving through life constantly seeking to understand and to find that essence that we call happiness has brought me here. Now that I am here I realize this pursuit is just beginning, this journey only in its infant stages with the breadth of possibility stretched out before me. Where will I go? What will I see? Who knows, but it feels good to be going there with you.

I hope that as time goes on you will find, with me, all the things you seek in this life. Through breaking free from our boxes I hope we can not only enlighten ourselves, but begin to create a legacy that will leave our world better for future generations. What first step will you take? What can you do right now to make this a reality? Feel free to share your ideas and as always, let me know what you think.


5 comments on “The First Step Of A Thousand Mile Journey

  1. Chris Espedal
    May 15, 2012

    Wow, I love your writing style and am anxious to see what is exposed! Good work Tanner!

    • Tanner Colton
      May 15, 2012

      Thanks so much Chris, I am looking forward to learning along with you. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. isabellerizo
    May 18, 2012

    I love the metaphor for your blog – the Unboxed life. Living in a tiny town myself, I love connecting with like-minded individuals. Thanks for connecting via blogs, and I look forward to more of your projects. Maybe even collaborate one day! 🙂

    • Tanner Colton
      May 18, 2012

      Wow, thanks Isabelle! I really appreciate the support. I enjoy your blog as well and would love to work together in the future! I hope you find something useful here, and if you don’t, let me know how I can help :). Good luck with you blog and with your time in China, looking forward to hearing about it.

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